Hi, I am Erin Marie Pannazzo.

Welcome to Lucky Lilac Photography.

As you browse this site, you’ll hopefully get an inside look at the stories and experiences I try to convey through the beautiful world of photography. My aim is to capture the spirit and love of my clients and to give them a piece of this moment they can cherish forever.

I started getting into the art of photography at a very early age. My dad started out working as a darkroom technician and soon landed a job at a marketing and advertising firm. I was fascinated when he would let me pick any picture I wanted from a magazine, and be able to blow it up to poster size. Mind you, this was back in the early ’90s, before any digital cameras, cell phones, and printers. It was his hobby to take beautiful candid photos of us, almost never posed, because the candid photos capture real life.

My Dad gave me my middle name. It was his sister’s, and she would be later named my Godmother. Growing up, my dad made sure to use my full name where ever he could. All my birthday cards, presents, Christmas ornaments (he’d get me one every single year). It was always, “To Erin Marie”.

I lost my dad recently; June of 2019. I spent the last year of his life just trying to keep everything together. Trying to sort out all the medical findings, be there for him in the hospital, helping my family cope. I realized I didn’t really focus on just being with him in the moment. I wish I could have given him more scratch-offs, watched more Rangers games, and showed him more of my photos. So I suppose that’s a large part of my decision to make more out of my photography hobby. It’s a way for me to channel my dad and all those old days in the darkroom. Ironically, these days I spend time in Lightroom instead, but the thought is what counts. So here’s to you Dad, hope I can make you proud.

Erin and her pup, Anna